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Reno County


2022 Reno County Fair Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors

  • Reno County Commission
  • Reno County Farm Bureau
  • Peoples Bank & Trust
  • Hansen Orthodontics
  • First Bank – Sterling

Gold Sponsors

  • Central Livestock
  • Sirius 4-H Dog Club
  • Hutchinson Kennel Club
  • RCB Bank
  • First Bank Kansas

Silver Sponsors

  • Skyland Grain
  • 1st National Bank
  • Dal Hunt
  • Commerce Bank
  • Central Prairie Co-op
  • Miller Seed Farms
  • The Barn
  • eCoalitions LLC

Bronze Sponsors

  • Yoder Meats
  • Cooper Tires
  • Travis Gillespie, DDS
  • Egbert Liquor
  • Turon Mill & Elevator
  • Westphal Jewelers
  • Gambinos Pizza
  • A5 Western
  • Stinger

In-Kind & Underwriting Sponsors

  • Tractor Supply
  • Master Gardeners
  • John & Mary Clark
  • Buhler FFA
  • Bonrholdt Plantland
  • Higgins Water
  • Jess & Becky Crockford

Please consider helping Reno County 4-H by supporting these businesses!!

Water Sponsors for the Reno County Fair

  • Am Ag Credit
  • RCB Bank
  • Orscheln
  • Sonic on 30th
  • Midwest Ford
  • Midway Motors
  • Allen Samuels
  • Conklin Cars
  • Shep Chevrolet
  • Prairie Bank of Kansas

Goat Show Sponsors

  • Darren Busick, your local Pioneer Salesman
  • Stallman Ask Risk Management
  • Gary & Pam Branscom
  • Valley Co-op, Inc.
  • Tom & Donna Benoit
  • Brian & Georgia Ballard
  • Ryan & Jamie Boggs
  • Randy & Pam Doerksen

Sheep Show

Gold Level:

  • Red Rock Auto
  • Gambino's Pizza
  • Agri Center
  • Neufeldts Flooring
  • The Barn
  • TSC
  • Orschlen's
  • Papa John's Pizza

Silver Level: 

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Mustard Seed
  • IHOP
  • Chili's
  • Olive Garden
  • Mustard Seed
  • Rib Crib
  • Bogey's 
  • Ken's Pizza
  • Carlos O'Kelly's 
  • Texas TBone

Bronze Level:

  • Stinger
  • LDI
  • Prairie Land Partner's
  • Heritage Tractor
  • Fairview Service Center
  • Yoder Metal
  • Jack's for All Trades
  • Kan Equip
  • Yoder Farm & Ranch
  • Custom Mills

Swine Project Award Sponsors

  • Grand Champion Swine Showmanship sponsored by Elaine Sturgeon in Memory of Eugene “Gene” Sturgeon
  • Reserve Grand Champion Swine Showmanship sponsored by Richard and Connie Stucky
  • Grand Champion Breeding Gilt sponsored in Memory of Alice Marie Phillips
  • Reserve Grand Champion Breeding Gilt sponsored by Blew Family Partnership
  • Campion Market Gilt sponsored by Charlie and Donna Harner
  • Reserve Champion Market Gilt sponsored by Yust Farms
  • Champion Market Barrow sponsored by Steven and Tammy Stucky
  • Reserve Champion Market Barrow sponsored by Travis & Jessica Mathes
  • Grand Champion Market Hog sponsored by Wilma Sturgeon
  • Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog sponsored by Harner 4 Hogs
  • Senior Champion Showmanship sponsored in Memory of LaVon Thompson
  • Senior Reserve Champion Showmanship sponsored by The Hoskinson Family
  • Intermediate Champion Showmanship sponsored by The Cole Family
  • Intermediate Reserve Champion Showmanship sponsored by Sugar Creek Boutique in Hutchinson
  • Junior Champion Showmanship sponsored by Mary Beth Fulk
  • Junior Reserve Champion Showmanship sponsored by Fairfield FFA
  • Beginner Champion Showmanship sponsored by Kids Closet Connection – Hutchinson
  • Beginner Reserve Champion Showmanship sponsored by Kids Closet Connection - Hutchinson

2021 Livestock Sale Buyers

3D Cattle Co.

Double K Farms

Pauls Excavating

3W Ag

Dr. Dave Hodgson

People’s Bank & Trust

4SJ Farms, Jeff & Shelly DeFrain

Dr. David & Rebecca Gleason

Plains State Bank

Abbyville Farmers Co-op

DTR Cattle

Plumbing Solutions & Service

Adams, Brown, Beran & Ball, Chtd.

Ed Hodgson

Prairie Bank of Kansas

Adrian’s Boutique

Ehling Custom Mills

Prairie Vista Veterinary Hospital

Agri Center

El Dorado Livestock Auction

Prairieland Partners

American AgCredit

Engelland Construction

ProValue Insurance, LLC

Andy & Mary McCurry

Farm Bureau, Mary Winter Agency

Putnam Concrete

B & B Hydraulics

First National Bank

Rack Elite

B & J Family Farms

Frontier WHE, Kevin Castor

Radley Brooks

B.Z. Bee, Inc.

G & H Trailer Sales

RCB Bank

Baker Professional Accounting Svc.

Galen & Kathy Moore

Reno County Cattlemen’s Assoc.

Ballard Livestock

Gary & Laura Fellman

Riemann Injury Litigation

Baylor, Nayvee, & Lawtyn Ehling

Gimp Farms

Robert & Virginia Friesen

Bergkamp Land & Cattle

Grant County Drug

Ron & Bette Hirst

Berning Chiropractic

Greg & Kendra Munds

Ron & Debbie Graber

Betty Fenton

Heartland Tri-State Bank

Rose Motor Supply

Big Iron Realty

Hobbs Show Lambs, Umbarger Feed

Royce Janssen, CPA

Blew Partnership

Hometown Food Stores

Ryan & Jamie Boggs


Hope Farms

Schmidt & Sons

Brack Farms & Harvesting

Husband Trucking

Schmidt Electric

Brandon & Lauren Frederick

Hutchinson Sewing & Vacuum, LLC

Stallman Ag Risk Management

Brandon Meyer, State Farm


Skyland Grain

Bridgman, LLC

Ineeda Cleaners

Steve & Angel Dillon

Buhler Agency, Inc.

Irisk & Doll

Stroberg Land & Cattle, LLC

Buhler Dental Care, Dr. Dal Hunt

Jacam Catalyst

Sugar Creek Boutique

Burling Mills, Inc.

Jack’s for All Trades

Terra Financial

Central Livestock

Jackson Meats

TNM Constructors

Central Prairie Co-op

Jerry & Anita Jones

Tom & Donna Benoit

Chiann Frank

Joe & Erin Showalter

Travis Gillespie, DDS


John & Cindy Colle

Travis Ternes & Rebecca Benoit

Circle M Cattle Co.

Kaitlin Colle

Triple R Famrs

Clark Farm, Randall & Mary Clark

Kan Equip, Inc.

Turon Mill & Elevator

Coldwell Banker, Lori Frank

Kansas Ethonol

Van Eaton Anesthesia

Colleen Paine

Kansas Protein Foods

Vernon Stallman

Conklin Cars

KE Feeds, LLC

VJ Blubauh

Cooper Tire

Kruse Corporation

Walton Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Craig & Sheila Knoche

Livestock Services, Inc.

Willmar Harder & Hannah Neufeld

Cramton Land & Cattle Co.

Loren Colle

Yoder Farms & Ranch, Stan Troyer

CRC Constructors, Inc.

Mid-Kansas Credit Union

Yust Farms

D & A Trucking, Inc.

Mike’s Equipment


D & J Pronto Pup

Mitzner Hay Service

Dave Yoder

Neufeldt Flooring

Donald Harner

Pat Cramton

Donna Swanson

Patterson Sand, LLC

This year’s Buyer Appreciation Dinner & Livestock Auction take place on July 25th, 2022 at 6pm & 7pm respectively, at the Prairie Pavilion on the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, KS. Interested in participating in the sale, or have questions? Call 620-899-0076 to speak to Chairman Jason, or 620-662-2371 to speak to the 4-H Assistant Donna.

4-H Youth Development Agent
Adam Lesser

Phone: 620-662-2371

4-H Program Assistant 
Donna Phillips
Phone: 620-662-2371

4-H Logo


Thank you, Sponsors!

Interested in supporting Reno County 4-H? Please contact Adam or Donna at the extension office!