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Reno County

Reno County Fair

The Reno County Fair is FREE and open to the public, with events and activities for the whole family.

Reno County 4-H Fair 2022 Dates:

Saturday, July 16, 2022 - Dog Show
Wednesday, July 20 to Monday, July 25, 2022 - Reno County Fair

2022 Fairbook
New changes made in red


4-H/FFA Entry Forms for County Fair

Open Class Forms for County Fair

County Fair Reminders

Going to the county fair is as 'American as apple pie"... kids, animals, and fun... and our focus is to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all.  Wherever animal and people mix, we also have some important reminders to keep your family healthy:

  • Wash hands after visiting animals to reduce risk of disease transmission.
  • Do not allow food, drink, toys, or pacifiers in the animal areas.
  • Promote education about disease risk and prevention.
  • Properly care for and manage animals.

Click here for our Healthy Fair Slideshow, a PowerPoint presentation which illustrates the risks and guidelines for both animal exhibitors and visitors at the fair.  We encourage everyone to view it and to share with your own group or family.  Our goal is a safe and healthy Reno County Fair for everyone!

2022 Static Exhibit Layout in Meadowlark Building

State Fair Resources

Click here to access Kansas State Fair resources including the 2022 Kansas State Fairbook, schedule, and requesite forms.



The 2023 fairbook is currently being reviewed. 


4-H Youth Development Agent
Adam Lesser

Phone: 620-662-2371

4-H Program Assistant 
Donna Phillips
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