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Reno County

Community Club Leaders

4-H Club Corner Resources (State Link)
for Club Leaders & New Family Coordinators

The 4-H Club Meeting Wheel
Kansas 4-H Project Pathway
Youth Program Quality Principles
Welcoming New 4-H Members
4-H Greet Sheet
4-H Club Meeting Reflections
Creative Ideas to Enhance Club Meetings
Creative Roll Call Ideas
4-H Club Leader's Toolbox
4-H Club Meeting Agenda
A 4-H Project:  More than a Fair Entry
The Puzzle:  Putting a Meeting Together
Connecting New Families to 4-H
The 4-H Parents Committee
Virtual Team Building Activities, by Michelle Cummings

Recreation Ideas

Reno County Club Leader Forms
Apparel Approval Form
 - 4-H Emblem Guidelines

Kansas 4-H Policy Handbook 

Bylaws Example

Volunteer Screening Guidelines

Strengthening Clubs State Resources

Strengthening Clubs 1
Strengthening Clubs 2

4-H Youth Development Agent
Kat Sundgren
Phone: 620-662-2371

4-H Program Assistant 
Donna Phillips
Phone: 620-662-2371

4-H Logo