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Reno County

Community Development

Where to 'Grow' From Here?

Community leaders often face the question of what can be done to stimulate economic growth in their home town. They know the answer isn't always about attracting new businesses or having more start up money, often it's about helping people see the other possibilities which are available here.

Economic development and entrepeneurship can be critical to the successful growth and security of many families, small towns and rural communities in Reno County. But how do we develop well-thought-out plans which minimize risks and capitalize on benefits? That's a good question, and resources are available through Kansas State University which can help you find the answer. 

K-State's Building Healthy Communities resources are available to help Kansans transform their ideas into valuable solutions, and surround them with all the necessary resources for their success: physical resources, financial resources, human resources and organizational resources.

K-State Research and Extension seeks to help ag and rural entrepreneurs succeed in their attempts to increase the value they present to their customers, and to make small towns and rural communities competitive places to do business in an increasingly global marketplace.

Kansas PRIDE Program

What is the Kansas PRIDE Program?

The Kansas PRIDE program is a volunteer, grassroots effort to improve the quality of life in local communities. Each Kansas community is unique and shares a common bond: a rich heritage based on self-reliance and community pride. Since 1970, the Kansas PRIDE program has assisted and encouraged communities to prepare for the future by building on their past and forming a vision of the future. The goal of PRIDE is to help maximize community and economic development efforts by encouraging all groups to coordinate and work collaboratively for community betterment.

For over 40 years, the PRIDE program has grown and evolved, like our Kansas communities, to help meet their ever changing needs.  Kansas communities have worked to involve youth in community betterment projects, retain grocery stores and cafes, develop community celebrations, implement recycling programs, establish food pantries and social services, and a myriad of other projects to improve the local quality of life.

Reno County communities can take advantage of the Kansas PRIDE program.  If your community would like to join or learn more, contact us or Kansas PRIDE Program for ways to get involved.