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Scholarship Forms

You are encouraged to apply for as many academic scholarships as possible (Foundation, HCC, and Livestock).  

  • Reno County 4-H Foundation Scholarship - This form is for all Reno County 4-H Scholarships available from the 4-H Foundation.  Details are listed on the form.  This form is to be filled out and submitted online. If you have any questions regarding the Foundation Scholarships, please contact Foundation member Mike Tonn at 620-465-3435 (tonn.mike@yahoo.com) or Debbie Spence at 620-663-4744 (spenced3@yahoo.com).
  • HCC 4-H Scholarship Application - Available to students attending HCC is the Vida and Ralph Warner Memorial Scholarship.  Applications for the HCC scholarships can be obtained from the HCC Endowment Scholarship Fund by contacting Cindy Keast at 620-665-3565.  HCC Endowment Scholarship applications are due February 15, 2017 to HCC.
  • Reno County Livestock Sale Scholarship - This form is for the Reno County Fair Livestock Sale Scholarship.  Details are listed on the form.  Due April 1.
  • Reno County 4-H Council Scholarship - Revised January 2016
  • Reno County 4-H Foundation Event Scholarship - Scholarship for national event registrations.

Livestock Forms

Ag Challenge of Champions